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With many years of both acting and photography experience behind us, as photographers at DeVine Works Photography we know exactly what you're looking for. . .

And as actors, we understand that the constant demand for quality headshots is a never ending struggle during your career, which is why we believe in quality headshots at affordable prices. Looking for headshots in Los Angeles? Great! We're in a central location for the utmost convenience when planning your next photo shoot.

While our specialty lies with headshot photography, we are not limited to that. We can provide professional photographs for all of your personal or professional needs. We love getting the best picture possible. So if it is a great headshot you need or even an entire comp card/zed card from conception to completion, including photo editing, we are the photographers for you. Feel free to call or Email us to inquire about other photography services.

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What Makes an Actor’s Headshot Stand Out?
One of the most important marketing tools you have as an actor is your headshot. As an actor living in Los Angeles you have an extreme amount of competition in the field of acting. The fastest and best way to initially stand out to agents and casting directors in Los Angeles is to have a great headshot.

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There are 3 main points to consider when getting your new acting headshot in Los Angeles:
Does it look like you? Quality of the headshot. Do your eyes stand out in the headshot?

Does it Look Like You?

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This is the most important factor to your acting headshot. I can’t tell you how many agents and casting directors here in Los Angeles have complained about actors having headshots that are either outdated or look nothing like the actor. This is a huge problem. If your headshot doesn’t look like you on a regular basis it can quickly get you blacklisted in the industry. Again, your acting headshot is usually your first impression to industry professionals and if they call you in based on your headshot and you walk in the door looking completely different, it will not go over well. DeVine Works Photography focuses on getting the best quality headshot of each and every actor that is the best representation of you. We meet with each client to discuss what makes them unique here in Hollywood. We then take your headshots with those things in mind. This ensures that your headshot will not only look like you, but it will showcase your individuality.

Quality of the Headshot:

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Casting directors and agents are usually seeing your for the first time via your acting headshot. Therefore, it is important the the headshot looks professional. If your headshot looks like something you friend shot in their backyard with their IPhone it may give off the impression that you don’t take your acting career in Hollywood seriously. DeVine Works Photography offers professional acting headshots for all actors in Hollywood and Los Angeles for a great affordable price so that you will never run into this problem.

Do Your Eyes Stand Out?

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They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and in acting this is very true. I have heard countless casting directors say that the eyes are what capture their attention in an actors headshot. Casting directors and agents are looking through sometimes thousands of actors headshots each day, so it is important for yours to stand out. The easiest way to capture the attention of that casting director or agent in Los Angeles is to have a picture that focus on the energy in your eyes. DeVine Works Photography will absolutely get you a headshot that bring the focus to the story you are telling in your eyes.